January 9, 2009

The not-so-beautiful women

The beautiful women without their Cambodian costumes on (Sophany, Noun, Neary, Nary, Paula, Ramona). Hanging out at Sophany's house for Courtne's birthday (Also mine).


Sokimna said...

hey, poo! how is the family? we miss you guys! are you gonna take time off to come to rico's grad on april 10th? we'd love for you to come!

Anonymous said...

We are doing well. everything is still the same as you left it. by the way, I have a dvd that brigette and i put together. we'll send it to you. please give us your address so we can send it. Vicky and Allison get one copy too.

I would like to visit you in Idaho, but I don't think it is possible since we are taking a big trip in June. We will keep this option open.

take care.


Sokimna said...

Please, send the dvd! Uh...this picture of the old ladies are getting stale. Next, please!!! JK...LOL YOu are all young and beautiful! The young and sho is restless! JK!Hahaha!