January 9, 2009

The not-so-beautiful women

The beautiful women without their Cambodian costumes on (Sophany, Noun, Neary, Nary, Paula, Ramona). Hanging out at Sophany's house for Courtne's birthday (Also mine).

Women in beautiful Cambodian costumes

The beautiful women of the hang family. This photo was taken on Thanksgiving in front of the Rith's house. The women are in their traditonal Cambodian costumes.

Our Family

This is a picture of most of the people in our family, taken on Christmas day at Ramona and San Yin' s place. The people who are not in this pictures are: Soksopha, Jeremiah, Jacob, Christopher, and Samphan, who was in Cambodia, visiting his mother who is terminally ill.

Mom with Sophany and family

Another picture of my mom with one of her other daughter, Sophany and her family, Donnie, Charley, Jamie, Liz, Courtney. Sophany welcomed a new addition to her family, Lekhana Chealsey on December 30, 2008. This photos was taken at a Christmas family gathering in Oakland.

Mom with Nary's family

This is my mother (in red) with one of her daughters, Nary, and her family, Socheat, Siphal, Laurie & her fiancee Bobby, and Linda at a family Christmas gathering in Oakland.

My dearest mother

My beloved mother, Kim Han Ngan. She is so beautiful and strong. She is kind, caring, loving, gentle, meek, humble, understanding, hard working, forgiving and charitable. I love her more than anything in this world. She taught me everything that I am today. She sacrificed herself so I can have a happiness and peace. She would go a few extra miles to make everyone happy and keep the family united. I am fortunate to have her as my earthly mother.

In February 4, 2009, she will be 79 years old. We will probably celebrate her birthday on Saturday, Feb. 6. As always, her 5 children, who are currently living in California and many grandchildren, and great grandchildren will celebrate it with her.

January 8, 2009

Birthday Time

Ramona's 58th Bday celebration on Sunday, December 28.

January 6, 2009

Brigette and Vicky at In-N-Out Burger by our house.
Vicky, Brigette, and Ethan in front of the Rith's house, near the nativity area, before going to Stoneridge Mall in December.  
Sok San Heng is our featured guest for this year's holiday.  San came to us from Utah.  He is  originally from Modesto, CA.  He served a Spanish speaking mission in Wisconsin.  He graduated from BYU-Idaho and is now working for PG& E in SF.  He attended the branch a few weeks now and has special interest in it.  He is a close acquaintance of Monica, who is leaving us to school on 1/6/09.  

Dessert Creation in SF

Of course, we headed to dessert creation after we had dinner at Bong Su. Every serving has mango or coconut flavor in it. The place is very busy. Lots of young people hang out there. There were people waiting for our table around the time we left, which was 11:30 at night. If you're in town and you like dessert, try it.
Allison is practicing her pose for the upcoming modeling search.  She just got her new Cambodian outfit from Brigette. 

Dinner with the Souns

On Sat. Jan. 3, we went to dinner with our friend, Savvy and his wife Emery, and their 5 year old daughter, Priscilla, at Bong Su in the city. The food was delicious. It was a Vietnamese restaurant but the decor is so Cambodian (so is the name of the restaurant). We had some food from home. What you see on the table are just appetizers. Before we ate, Savvy took us to his work on Kearny and California on the 40th floor. From there we can see the Bay Bridge and the piers. Savvy works as a managing supervisor of 12 people on the trading floor of a small stock/investment company, Dodge and Cox ($2 billion company). The buy and sell stocks.

Savvy and Emery live in Lafayette and they have a lovely family. They have two other children, Brittany and Madison who are younger than Priscilla, and were not with us at dinner. We try to include them in our branch activities such as the new year and christmas party.
This is a family tradition of how we celebrate the holidays.  Everyone sitting in circle waiting for the next card to be dropped.  Everyone, including the little children know how to play card, except me.  
Siphal, Linda, Charley are happy after they had Dulce de Leche cake. Siphal drove E Touch to my house afterward.  Linda and I will take Vicky, Allison, and E touch to the airport tomorrow.  
Liz turned 13 on January 5, 2009.  She decided to stay home the entire day( I would too if it was my bday).  Happy Bday Liz!!  There were no real food served.  Liz mom wasn't strong enough to prepare food.  She just gave birth to baby Lekhana.  Unfortunately, she spent yesterday and today at the hospital with the baby.  Although we just had cake and drank water we had fun.  There were few in attendance because no official invitation were extended.  The cake was good (Dulce de Leche).  Liz's cousin, Linda and Siphal later joined the party.  Others who were at the birthday were Charley, Brigette, Ethan, Courtney, Allison, E Touch, and E Pov, and of course, baby Lekhana (she was sleeping though).  Liz said her good bye to Vicky, Allison, and E Touch.  
Vicky had a birthday in CA at Liz's house the night before she goes back to Maryland. Vicky said she had a wonderful time with her cousins during the holidays.  She looks forward to coming back for Pheap and Bobby's wedding in August 2009.  We will see you soon Vicky.  And happy early birthday (Feb. 17).  Vicky will turn 17 then.  She is working really hard in school so she can go to BYU after she graduate from high school.  Vicky goes to seminary everyday, early in the morning, before she goes to school.  Good job Vicky!!

January 1, 2009

Brigette and Baby Lekhana at the Hospital

Brigette with baby Lekhana Chelsea Donnies a day after she was born.  Also present at during this hospital visit were:  E Touch, Liz, Vicky, Ethan, Allison, and Courtney.

Cousins hang out at 788

The Kool cousins eating Ube ice cream at Brigette and Ethan's house.  Thank you Charley for getting us the ice cream!

Baby Lekhana

Baby Lekhana Donnies was  born on December 30th, 2008 at 5:27 am.  She weighed in at 7lbs. 6.9 oz.  All of her cousins were very excited to see her, so we went to visit her at the hospital!  We all agree that she looks a lot like her brother, Jamie.